Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Liner Notes: 

The nonet challenge was really interesting. This is my attempt at getting the syllables right and using a cigar box guitar for the music. I really am concerned about what the big tech companies are doing with our data. I played my three-string fretless cigar box guitar because it's really good for sounding as if it's complaining about something in a bitter way.
I posted this at first as a short demo that followed the 9 to 1 lines but then I thought it would work as a complete song with a solo and a repetition. So here is a longer version.


Should have read the terms and conditions
Before I clicked my rights away
Now every word that I wrote
Belongs to big tech crooks
Who will sell them all
To other crooks
If they have
Cash to

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Much more succinct and transparent than the usual T&C. And a lot more bluesy and gritty too. Instant classic.

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VERY nicely done! The extended CBG break is a much appreciated bonus, too.

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Lovely sounding guitar. Even T’s & C’s sound better when done blues style.

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Cool - these nonets are really cool for trying stuff out play that guitar man!

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A fitting subject matter for angry, anarchic blues. The edgy straight-talking lyric is a perfect foil to the endless insidious waffle of Ts and Cs. I appreciated that you spun this one out into something a little longer - i wasn't willing to let go immediately after the nonet ended.

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I love this! that cigar box guitar sounds amazing, with the keys and all too, and a witty and perceptive lyric!

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Petition to replace all T&Cs with a soundclip of this. Nice work!

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Yeah, definitely a concern of modern life. Absolutely love that gritty slide guitar--so incredibly good! The repetition works well, especially in this blues style. Great lyrics as well--they flow so well I wouldn't have known there was anything different about the structure just by listening.

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How did I miss this? Nonet CBG blues. And fair comment in the criticism of Big Tech. Why do people assume AppleGoogleFacebookAmazonMicrosofteEtcEtc are their friends?