Little Girls

Little Girls

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Little Girls (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

So apparently even when I'm feeling unmotivated I can write two songs in a day through sheer discipline, haha! Wrote this one in a little over an hour. It's kind of weird to notice that these songs don't seem to be any lower quality than the ones I spend loads of time working on and felt a lot more strongly about. I mean I don't know if it's one of my favorites (though I don't usually know until later anyway), but I don't think it's bad.

The story behind this one is that a year or two ago I was waiting for an open mic to start, and I was just sitting there with my guitar chilling out, no music was being played or anything... these two little girls (probably between 4 & 7) having dinner with their family were completely acting like I was a celebrity -- whispering and giggling to each other about me, cautiously coming very close to me and then running away excitedly without saying anything, the whole thing. But they hadn't heard me play or anything, so they literally just assumed I must be some kind of pop star because I had a guitar. I got a kick out of it and gave them some stickers of mine and they were over the moon. But then, being a sensitive musician, I also overthought it later and found it a bit touching in the end, and always wanted to write a song for them, so here it is.


There was a night of my life when I felt like a celebrity
With two giggling little girls acting on a whim
It was a sweet reminder that these girls gave to me
And this song's gonna be my gift to them

This one's for the little girls who are always excited
And bravely walk right up to wherever they like
This one's for the little girls, for the little girls

I don't know what they did when they got home that night
But I hope they asked their parents for a guitar
And after a few months, their talents were shining bright
And the songs they write will show them who they are

I don't know what they'll do, when they're all grown up
But if they don't play music, I hope it's because they're awful at it
And not because some bitter voice told them that they couldn't
I hope they don't outlive their dreams
Just because someone told them only kids behave that way
I'd like to think that we might play a show together someday
And I can see them all grown up, still just as happy

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This is really sweet! Great storytelling in the lyrics, and I really like the chorus in particular. This is a really beautiful tribute to that moment and to those little girls.

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What a charming story and song. Poignant and quietly joyful at the same time. Very pretty melody, and a good, relatable message in the chorus. Smile