One Step Ahead [Revelation]

One Step Ahead [Revelation]

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One Step Ahead [Revelation]

Liner Notes: 

This song is about my inferiority complex and low self-esteem, which I've been battling with since Year 10 (2015). This is one of the reasons I'm not in a good headspace.
In Years 11 and 12, I was put in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). I wanted to do the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) because the majority of my music "mates" were doing it (also because the high school's music teacher only taught VCE students due to the curriculum), but my teachers said I couldn't do it because I'd be struggling with writing essays in English class.

Even now, knowing that the majority of my uni mates had done VCE, I feel as dumb as I did back then. This song is one of my most self-deprecating.

The bass and electric guitar were recorded on my audio interface. The piano, organ and drums were virtual instruments on Mixcraft 8. The vocals were done on my Android phone.


I'm in a room full of strangers
Think they're the smartest in the room
I'm just sitting here in solitude
This wasteland is fueled by gloom

You're always one step
You're always one step ahead
You're always one step ahead of me

You speak in class, exchange ideas
In school the going gets tough
I'm left feeling less intelligent
Thinking that I'm not good enough

This is a mountain I should overcome
Thoughts drag me down, leave me numb
Feeling stupid, feeling small
Does it matter much at all?

You're always one step
You're always one step ahead
You're always one step ahead of me

I have the urge to talk myself down
Would you pull me out of this pit?
No, it seems only I can hear me
No one else can drag me out of it

Comparison is the thief of joy
My behind-the-scenes, your highlight reel
You say I'm great and of many skills
In the end, how do I want to feel?

You're always one step
You're always one step ahead
You're always one step ahead of me

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That organ is great! I like the nice The Doors meets Randy Neuman vibe this has to it as a whole Smile Thanks for posting in the thread about needing some listens.......I for one find the irony this was still a zong with this lyric hilarious.......... don't take me wrong, I just look for the humor in anything.
and sorry there's a lot of truth in this lyric for you personally......but fuck 'em, people aren't as smart as they think they are, especially those that love to claim how "highly educated" they are. and if there's a bright side it spawned a great tune!

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Nice easy rockin' groove you've developed here, has that late 60's feel to me, and yeah the organ is reminiscent of The Doors. Cool stuff - love the emotion in your voice. I can so relate to the topic of your lyric as I've struggled with comparing myself to others for years - absolutely love your line "Comparison is the thief of joy" - it truly can be. It's easy to avoid if you want to - just be yourself and live your life.

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This is my favourite of the 3 songs you listed in the thread. While I always enjoy your thoughtful and introspective lyrics, it's a pleasure to hear you unleash your fury a little here. The way the lyric structure builds in the chorus is a good idea and well executed. I don't know if you were deliberately invoking the Doors here, but I do have to agree with the comments above. It makes the song sound raw and powerful rather than mawkish or self-pitying, which would be an easy trap to fall into given the subject matter.

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You've captured that feeling of thinking you're "inferior" very well, both lyrically and musically. I can relate - When I was young, I felt that way too. Heck, I felt that way as an adult sometimes!. This is a very good song. The chorus is ties it all together nicely