Autumn's Coming

Autumn's Coming

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Liner Notes: 

I started a lyric about the changing leaves and dying sunflowers and it sucked.

I saw the Nonet challenge and I realized I could tweak my idea into that structure.

Thus I count a song for today.

It took about 5 minutes to do this so I'll count this toward the skirmish I didn't look at until a few minutes ago (realizing the theme is autumn!)

(And I have a number of other songs in various states of development... my counter is not yet done increasing...)


the leaves are turning yellow, red, brown
the sunflowers are pointing down
the air grows ever more chill
as the season changes
as it ever will
autumn's coming
soon to be

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Sometimes, a tight constraint like this is exactly what you need to help the spirit of a song find its form. This is beautiful. There's a distinct autumnal feel to the delivery - a kind of light savoury melancholy.

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I like the minor-key and that strumming rhythm. Those dramatic pauses! And the sigh, ahhh. That sunflower detail is great. I like what this nonet challenge is bringing out!

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For a five minute write, this turned out great. I like the chord progression a lot, it gives it a folky feel. Short and sweet.

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Nice melody. I agree with @nancyrost about the dramatic pauses. You have highlighted the darker side of approaching autumn.

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That works incredibly well! I was wondering whether such a weird structure would translate to music, but it really does.

Bonus points for the exasperated sigh at the end - autumn has that effect on me, too. So many leaves to sweep up...

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Like the way you made this weird structure work in song form. The reducing numbers of syllables seems to build drama, helped by the music and delivery, of course.

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Ooh, I might have to have a go at the nonet challenge! This fits a lot into a very narrow structure. I really like how the tune moves downwards as the syllables reduce - it really works!

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Excellent job fitting your lyric into the nonet format, and doing it that quickly is impressive. And I really like the tango-esque music.

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Perfect job. Love how you've used the form as an (unwelcome) countdown to the end of summer. Really good.

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Finally got back to this and am happy I did! Wonderful!

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That’s a really cool rhythm and melody. Excellent job for both challenges. I like how you multitask.

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nice one mate - love these nonets - enjoyed doing mine - this one s a beauty

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nicely done, two challenges in one! and the minor-key music is perfect for this!
and great ending!

AndyGetch's picture

Nice haiku (as in the seasonal reference) nano lyric. The music is enchanting.

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I'm really enjoying these nonet songs! I like the minor chords in this one--fittingly portrays summer transitioning to autumn.

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There's so much melody and great structure...and just great SOUND for 5 minutes.
Dig the vocals and every single thing you did on the guitar. Def could use another 3 minutes of this vibe.

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Excellent folk song! Very autumnal. One doesn't notice the nonet structure. Must try one now, myself. Sometimes short bursts bring forth surprising things, like this one. (You're getting better and better BUT don't give up your dayjob, and not just for financial reasons!!! Biggrin )