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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish song. I've been thinking a lot about how one of the most comfortingly predictable times of year (at least in this bit of the northern hemisphere!) is completely different this year.

About ten minutes of the skirmish were dusting and tuning my poor neglected mandola, and it's still not quite right - I really need to put on new strings!


Well, it's a new start
you order their new shoes
and exclaim at how they've grown over the summer
smell of new books
no pencil has a broken point
by next week, you won't know where to find their sharpener

And it's a thing that you hold on to
'cause some things never change
some things never change
- yet here we are

And you remember
the timeline's written in your bones
come September everything falls back in order
leaves are turning
kick the conkers on your way
think of Christmas lying just around the corner

And you don't know now
how it will look from day to day
things might move, but then they might not keep on moving
that line you've followed
now a dream that slips away
predictable's another word for soothing

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It certainly is an unpredictable time right now, though there is still some things one expects to happen. Very pretty melody.

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This is lovely and is so full of vivid fall images and evokes beautiful and poignant nostalgic feelings. I love that last verse. The melody is absolutely gorgeous!

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Never a dull moment in the big picture. Nice mandola, well worth the dusting.

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"Some things never change - yet here we are" is a good way of looking at this crazy year. At least we can take some comfort from those things that still happen no matter what, whether it be the appearance of conkers or the fact that most of that new school equipment will have unaccountably disappeared within a week!

And please show that mandola some love, as it sounds wonderful!

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Love your mandola playing, it's a very nice accompaniment to your pretty melody and words. I like the sense of time moving that you set out in the lyric.

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Oh the well-captured lyrical paradox of things that never change. Beautiful melody, singing, and mandola playing.

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I like your vocal on this melody. OOoh, what a great line "predictable is another word...."

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I like the way you started with the back to school theme -it really rings true as a sign of autumn. The last line 'predictable's another word for soothing' is very insightful and poetic.

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Yes, I know that feeling of back-to-school rhythms (as the kids get themselves together to get out the door!). Nice work.

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Oh the joys of getting kids back to school in September. Lovely rhythm and vocals. Very soothing to listen to.