A Mighty Tune

A Mighty Tune

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Liner Notes: 

Another beginner recorder tune for my students. This one is all about note A. It also introduces half notes and variable rhythms. It is not a fancy thing. It's functional and part of its functionality is it must be simple for 8 year olds who missed out on learning to read music last year to follow.

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I love this as a lesson. Such a variety of half notes and rhythms surrounding and showing possibilities for even one note. Also gives the player a sense of where one piece can fit in as part of a larger musical ensemble.

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I think the sounds you've created sound great and should easily stimulate the interests of your audience. Got me clapping and movin' a bit myself back n forth.
A friend of mine teaches this age group and I know it can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. Kudos to you

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good to see it works now! Very clever teaching aide and a nice piece of music!

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SImple songs for kids have a particular type of joy to them, and I can hear it in this. And simple as it may be, it's got a very danceable beat to it! Groove on!

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Oh yeah, the eight year olds are gonna be groovin about with this one.
How are you gonna get them to play their instruments when they'll all be dancing?
This is an excellent teaching tool.
As I said last time, I wish that you had been my music teacher.

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I appreciate your nice comments on An Unusual Life. I thought the secondary line in Mighty Tune (I don't know the real word) was groovy.[

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Very nice to listen to - relaxing and it grooves along nicely. What a great way to teach playing one note on the recorder. Reminds me a little of Sesame Street with 'Today's episode is Brough to you by the letter A' tags.