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Liner Notes: 

An environmental song along the line that if this is autumn what will winter be like.


Not just the leaves that are falling
There are so many things slipping away

So sad things are turning orange
So much fading away

We had a careless summer
We danced in the sun

Now we begin to wonder
What have we done

This is not the dawn of spring
This is the reckoning

The leaves fall
People call
If this is autumn what will winter bring

What will winter bring

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A nice foreboding tale. I can see a fortune teller having their palm crossed with silver as this plays. Vocals have that melancholy aura. Excellent skirmish.

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Potent words and moody chords. The somewhat halting delivery created a nice sense of suspense for me. Decay and reckoning really hit their marks.

coolparadiso's picture

Nice one a good metaphor of life and foreboding. very good skirmish

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Music sets a tone that gives me a sense of an introduction to a larger work. Well done on the skirmish!

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The chords give that unresolved feeling of the 'what will winter bring' question at the heart of the lyric. Nice work!

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Powerful and serious lyric that challenges the listener to be vigilant about his world, with a dark musical setting that works well.

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I love the phrase, "careless summer." And I really like the comparing of Autumn to "a reckoning." That's powerful.