Don't let the autum come

Don't let the autum come

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Liner Notes: 

Saw this very late as working on another project. So here is my lyrics for the "Autumn" prompt... I am not a lover of Winter, and the Autumn beckons it in, hence the go away autumn lyric.

Not got a lot of time so would happily collaborate if anyone wants the lyrics to work on and make into a song...Feel free to use and do whatever with them...


Don’t let the autumn come

Don’t let the autumn come
It’s only here to steal the sun
Don’t let the autumn show it’s face
Cos it’ll sneak the winter in to take its place
Don’t let the autumn come

I like the summer
I love the warmth
Settled on a beach at night
Far away from the storm

The rustic leaves
Their changing colours
That fall from the trees
Reminds me of the nights becoming duller

Give me the sun
Give me some heat
I’ll take the shine
Any day oh so sweet

Given the choice
Autumn would never appear
Dragging in winter
The gloomy cold and despair

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like your chorus, it has a cool rhythm to it that has me singing it in my mind. A cool little bit of phrasing.

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Interesting take on the skirmish and philosophic musings about an endless summer.

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ha, i'm not quite the warm-weather person you are, but you express this nicely- well done!

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“It’s only here to steal the sun”
That’s a great line! I get where you’re coming from, with the dread. I feel the same about spring because it means the ghastly summer will be here soon.

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Oooh - That first verse really pulled me in - and you've described what a harbinger of cold weather a-comin' autumn is. Nice!

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I'm with you on liking Summer. Very nice take on a prompt. I hope you'll demo it. Looking forward to hearing it.

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Summer-hater here, but you're almost making me reconsider. Wink You've really put the sentiment across nicely - lots of emotion and vivid images.

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I really like this take where you want to hold on to summer, I'm the same way. Good write.

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Good writing, I like the way you are rebelling against the coming of winter and aren't seduced by all the red, gold autumnal stuff.

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Lovely lyric, very powerful raging against the dying of the light.

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I dunno if it's becaise I'm from the north of England where the weather can be cold and damp and miserable at pretty much any time of the year, but I actually *enjoy* autumn. But I have friends from balmier climes who rage against the loss of hot weather every year and this could easily become their theme song!

I like the idea of Autumn using subterfuge to sneak Winter in without us noticing; like we're all enjoying looking at the glorious fall colours of the leaves and then we wake up one morning and there's a foot of snow on the ground and we realise that once again, we've been had...