Autumn Eyes

Autumn Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

I thought of a girl I used to work with that had golden eyes. I have never known anyone else with eyes like that.


Autumn Eyes
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I never knew anyone before with golden eyes
Like Aspen leaves in the fall
I never knew anyone with golden hair to match
And perfect skin like a doll

I never knew anyone that could take my breath
Like a striking scene
I never knew a woman so totally gorgeous
Like the prettiest of queens

You have autumn eyes
Golden orbs that shine so bright
Beautiful autumn eyes
Full of such joyous light
Come let me get lost
Lost in your autumn eyes

I never knew anyone that made me come alive
Like my life was beginning
I never knew a woman so sweet and sincere
That keeps my head spinning

I never knew someone so very kind
That brought out the best in me
I never knew a girl that brought such magic
And showed me the beauty in everything

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I like conversational tone of the lyric and the portrait you paint with your lyric is enticing. It makes me want to meet her.

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I love the way you have completely surrendered to this beauty. It’s very enlivening to imagine her, and I can totally relate to being swept away like that. Very nice!

corinne54's picture

Oooh - really beautiful lyrics! I too knew someone with amazing golden eyes. though she didn't evoke the feelings you've expressed.

Marilisa's picture

This is great! I hear it in my head with an almost spoken/whispered quality in the verses and breaking out into big vocals for the chorus. It's got lovely rhythm to it.

kahlo2013's picture

You develop this autumn beauty so completely and brilliantly and convey her image so well that I feel like I am looking at a painting as I read these words. Gorgeous.

tjeff's picture

I like the title and direction of your story. The "I never knew" repetition seems very effective, I like it. Lots of good color words that help show the story.

coolparadiso's picture

Nice use of the season for a personal description! Good skirmish!