Shadows Of Vanity

Shadows Of Vanity

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Liner Notes: 

A song composed in Jeskola Buzz that has been simmering for a few days. What I like the most about it is that I used a number of different kinds of audio sources to compose this. This uses VSTi technology, a Native Buzz Machine, Soundfonts & Samples. It all starts off with HG Fortune's wonderful Dream Machine ST VSTi giving this track that orchestral-like background ambience. Next I added CyanPhase's Bass Pluck Buzz Machine for the bass. After that the Jeskola XS-1 makes a re-appearance as a Soundfont player providing the song with it's piano. The vocals are samples played through a Matilde Tracker 3 Buzz Machine. Finally, HG Fortune's Percumat 2 provides the drum track. Some composing, mixing & rendering later, I offer you all this little song. I'm quite pleased with the results.

See You In The Shadows…

Gear List (Native Buzz Machines marked with an " * " )
HG Fortune's Dream Machine ST
CyanPhase's Bass Pluck*
Jeskola XS-1*
Matilde Tracker 3*
HG Fortune's Percumat 2
Rymix StereoBox Pro*
Bigyo Delay*
BG Maxilimiter*
IX Pacthbay 3*
CyanPhase JedShiva Meter*
LD Mixer*
Sonic Verb*
BG CompGate*
Dedacode Stereo Gain 2*
Sgorpi's Multi-Track Writer*
CyanPhase's SongInfo*

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man this is just beautiful! I got so completely lost in this that "don't be so sure" scared me out of my trance though just in time to hear all that extra added percussion
really great composition and noise selection here!

wow, was that really only just over 3mins long? felt much longer in a great much packed in here!

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I like, what I will call the Bass riff'd line.

The vocal mix is very well considered. (And esp for what some might label "EDM"..., (I am not); not usually as lyrically musical as this is, well done.)