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I was never good at the arcades
Didn’t have home video game
But somehow my sister caught the fever
And she loved Donkey Kong, Frogger and Ms. Pacman

She’d grab the joystick keep on running
Climb the ladders and save the girl
Avoid the ghosts and eat the pellets
Dig the tunnels get the villains
Cross roads and never getting flat
Make the burgers and man the taps
Drive the car and win the race
Operate all the hockey players.

I’d try to play but couldn’t keep up
Shoot the caterpillars and get crushed
Try not to get blown up on Galaga
Roll the skeeball but never win

Maybe complete a level of pacman
Possibly shoot a little bit of pinball.
Drive the fire truck
But not too far.

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Oh gosh does this bring back some memories! You sure captured that time so well! I wonder how many ms packman did my sister and I play?
Great song and great memories!

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Wonderful lyrics that take me back to the bar across from my apartment that had all those games ... and after a long night of studying I would go to the bar and just have a Diet Coke and waste money playing mindless arcade games before bed. You captured those games well. Nice job with the challenge!