Burning to understand

Burning to understand

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Liner Notes: 

The perennial struggle to make sense of the miracle of being a human being


Burning to understand

Dare to live and dare to lie,
Dare to stare into her golden eye.
I’ve been distracted by this broken land
I’m burning to understand

Taken the path with thorny hedge,
Drop the truth of the pastors pledge,
Internal fires now fully fanned
I’m burning to understand.
I’m burning to understand

And if she asks you won’t you walk away,
And if she cries won’t you too bleed
There’s been no method in the plan you’ve made
And no soil to land your seed.
No soil to land your seed.

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There's no sense in humanity, this we can see pretty plainly. In other people. It's more painful we when we ourselves making no damn sense. But it happens. This song makes me think of my first marriage, which didn't turn out too well.

We're all trying hard. Trying to live, to understand, and communicate. But as flawed human beings that's a tough road to go down. And so many things don't go how we "thought" we intended. But what did we really intend, did we lie to ourselves?

Anyway, those are the things this song makes me think about. Thanks for putting it out there.

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The lyrics are gorgeous. The colors and fire/field imagery are really vivid and I love the little guitar solo bits. Haunting.
Stylistically, it kind of reminds me of something between Rodriguez and Paul Simon.
Awesome work!