I'll Dream of Your Cello

I'll Dream of Your Cello

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Liner Notes: 

I was listening to some cello music and this came to me.


I'll Dream of Your Cello
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You played that cello
Like the consonant fellow you are
Those notes spoke to my heart
And I felt you touched the deepest part of me

We locked eyes
With a bit of surprise I think
The music took me to far away places
As I looked into your handsome face

I know when I leave here
I won't be the same
I'll be whispering your name as I fall asleep
I'll dream of your cello
As I lie on my pillow
Your music will be mine to keep

Soulful, soft
I am floating aloft

Even with the other musicians
I can only hear your composition
It is as if we are alone in this venue
And I think I have fallen in love with you

Repeat chorus

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I too love a good cellist! I painted one in a mural recently and my cellist friend came to play for a while as I painted. Great images here and capturing that feeling.