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You look like you came from 1980
With your big hair and acid washed jeans
Got a jean jacket that is covered with buttons and
Blue eye shadow that makes you look mean

Turn up the boom box
Let's do some dancing
You can be a goonie or you can be a geek
Head over to the arcade or cruise the main street

You’re only wearing one sparkly glove
Got one long braid on the side of your head.
Your neon shirts and leg warmers
Are showing the statement that you make.

Let’s move the pacman around his maze
Avoiding the ghosts with a thriller wave
Solve the rubix cube as quick as we can
And relax with a big hair band.

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I remember those days well, even if I stopped being a teenager that summer. Oh to have hair of any sort again, let alone big hair!

You've got my inner nerd twitching uncontrollably, though: it's a "Rubik's Cube" as it was named for its inventor, the Hungarian architect and sculptor Ernő Rubik. I hated the things, but I do still have his follow-up, Rubik's Magic kicking around somewhere in the house...

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I was there. It had a lot of good, and a lot of bad. I was a kid, but I was there.

It might be funny to go to a thrift store and stock up on ripped, acid washed jeans. Neon was huge. Arcades were huge. I logged many hours on Pac Man.

Thanks for putting this out there...