If I Told You

If I Told You

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Liner Notes: 

Theresa: Lovely lyrics from Doug! I tried to keep the music tender and soft to match the longing in the lyrics. Thank you, Doug!

Doug: Theresa was the one I knew had to do this lyric. Listen and you'll understand. Thanks, Theresa!


If I Told You

If I told you that I hear your truth each time a songbird sings
If I told you that your touch sends my soul high, as if on wings
If I told you when I taste your kiss it sets the stars aglow
Would you take my hand and give your word
The river of your love will always flow?

If I told you that the ocean mists are woven from your sighs
If I told you that your smile brightens late October skies
If I told you that the moonlight on the water writes your name
Would you take my hand and promise me
Every rose and thorn your heart contains?

I’m struggling to tell you
But perhaps my aim’s absurd
The way you make me feel
Is far too deep for words


If I told you that I notice things I didn’t catch before
Like the way the white foam seems to crawl as waves end at the shore
If I told you that my heart seams burst each time your eyes meet mine
Would you take my hand and let me vow
To make this love last for all time?

If I told you

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Donna Devine's picture

Tender, compelling, and poetic lyrics, given life and heart by the music, melody, and wonderful vocal performance.
Beautiful collaboration, you two. Smile

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such a gentle and delicate delivery of these sweet lyrics, riding as if on air through the winding and riising melodies. the piano is insistent yet tender, carrying the emotional brunt of the lover's lament.

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Great pairing of dry, up-front vocals with a soft, reverberant piano that lets Theresa's voice take centre stage. Which is just where it should be for this!

This is a gentle song of yearning that really tugs on the heart strings, and it needed a sensitive interpretation to emphasise the vulnerability there in the lyrics. Brilliantly done.

kahlo2013's picture

This is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. I love this hook. The poetry of the love in the lyrics is so moving and Theresa’s gorgeous vocals and music make the song fill my heart. Incredible! Kudos to you both.