Tao Te Ching Verse 16

Tao Te Ching Verse 16

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Tao Te Ching Verse 16-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

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still chipping away at the 81 verses...


Tao te Ching Verse 16

Become totally empty
Quiet the restlessness of the mind
Only then will you witness everything
Unfolding from emptiness
See all things flourish and dance
In endless variation
And once again merge back into perfect emptiness-
Their true repose
Their true nature
Emerging, flourshing, dissolving back again
This is the eternal process of return.

To know this process brings enlightenment
To miss this process brings disaster

Be still
Stillness reveals the secrets of enternity
Eternity embraces the all-possilble
The all-possible leads to a vision of oneness
The vision of oneness brings about universal love
Universal love supports the great truth of Nature
The great truth of Nature is Tao
Whoeverknows this truth lives forever
The body may perish, deeds may be forgotten
But he who has Tao has all eternity

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Simple and yet so full. I really like the way the vocal melody runs across the chords.

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It's amazing how setting these verses to music gives fresh perspective and helps to shed new light on the text. And they're not easy to make work musically, either. This arrangement fits extremely well - I particularly love the poetic moment of silence at the end of the line "The great truth of Nature is Tao."