One Step Ahead [Genesis]

One Step Ahead [Genesis]

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One Step Ahead [Embryo]

Liner Notes: 

The guitars and bass were recorded on Mixcraft 8 using my interface.
The lead guitar was treated with the "Classic 70's" preset on the Shred Amp Simulator, as well as "Ping-pong" delay.
The rhythm guitar was treated with light reverb.

I was inspired by listening to Syd Barrett's last recording session, consisting of guitars and bass. The specific piece that inspired it is at 1:36 of the session.

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I'm a sucker for guitars with delay and this is very much my sort of thing - the rhythm guitar drops in to the delay's pulse beautifully. You evoke 70s psychedelia very nicely with this. Now all you need is a bunch of oil wheels and some strobe lights...

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I'll listen to almost anything influenced by Syd Barrett.
This sounds like a late night jam session.
Really kinda mellow while rokkin out at the same time.
Great work on the headphone mix.
Nicely done.