Outspend ‘Em

Outspend ‘Em

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Liner Notes: 

Song Skirmish FB group prompt 'Noble'. That I actually randomly picked. This is a song I started earlier this week but the prompt did nudge me over the finish line.


Outspend ‘Em

Ch 1
[F#7(B7)] Asking me to send money so you can
[Bm(Em)] Outspend ‘em
[F#7(B7)] Send money so you can
[Bm(Em)] Outspend ‘em

[D(G)] Saying I’ll live longer
and be more virile
[A(D)] Um I heard that manipulation trick since the seventies
[G(C)] Except it was an ad in the back of a comic book for selling magazine subscriptions


[D(G)] Saying I’ll be safer
and better looking
[A(D)] Um I heard that manipulation trick since the sixties
[G(C)] Except it was a salesmen trying to put me in a car but was really just looking for the best commission

[Bm6(Em6)] Maybe you’ve got noble intentions
[B(E)] but it’s hard to get past the rhetoric
[Bm6(Em6)] This might be a good time for me to mention
That I [Dm6(Gm6)] did not sign up for your list
[Bm6(Em6)] Telling me anything to get my money
[B(E)] Seems like its about being right and winning (at all costs)
[Bm6(Em6)] Does it matter if it turns out to be a pyrrhic victory
Cause [Dm6(Gm6)] after all you’ll be back next time


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I like this a lot. The semi spoken vocal is great, you give it a conversational tone that really works. The guitar is so varied and matches the words very well.

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I love the repetition of "Asking me to send money / so you can outspend 'em" is very effective. There is a cool experimental / alt-rock feel to this on that I like a lot. Nice job with the prompt!

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Great vocal delivery.
I'm liking the slightly unstructured vibe here.
Really nice guitar work.
Nice lyrics.
I'm not a fan of being asked for money at, say, checkout lines.
("Would you like to donate a dollar to..."

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nice spoken word vibe and the baritone sounds great! ah, this is the season of fundraising, tune it out but do the right thing in november Smile
nice work!