Hold on

Hold on

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Liner Notes: 

This is a piano instrumental improvised piece. Like so many of us I'm very concerned about what's happening all over the world and I wanted to write something to reflect this. I didn't want to write words that would get it the way by not being good enough and so I just played the piano and improvised based on what I was feeling and thinking. This is a one-take piece with all the errors that go along with that kind of recording. The 'Hold on' title is just to flag up little hope.

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you are an excellent pianist with an honest feel for the blues.

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Sends me to a darkened smokey jazz/blues bar, laid back and enjoying the music. Perfect.

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Gorgeous. Exactly the sort of piece that Tom Waits would pick to accompany him telling a wildly implausible shaggy dog story, delivered in the most gravelly voice ever heard. Trouble is, the way things are going right now I really don't want to know what the punchline's going to be.

The recording is impeccable; was this a real instrument, or MIDI / electronic?