Not Alone

Not Alone

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Liner Notes: 

This is for the nonet challenge. I'm pre-empting an expected announcement about phosphine, a life signature, in the clouds of Venus. So lyrics out now in case the announcement turns out to be less exciting than it seems at the moment.

Music will follow, regardless.

Edit: Glad I waited to do the music as it allowed me to include some samples from the announcement of the discovery, which adds a little bit extra.


A universe full of surprises
More discoveries to be made
A world assumed to be dead
Too hot for life to be
Float among the clouds
And now we are
Not alone

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i love the vastness within such a succinct form. life... such a simple word, so much to it, could feel the weight of that last syllable

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The universe is an amazing place. You've captured that sense of wonder here.

Roddy's picture

Well done. I like the 'and now we are, not alone' lines - very big thoughts indeed.

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Lovely - and this is the first I'd heard of the discovery, which is about as momentous as they get!

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Great job of using the narrowing focus of the form to dial down from the whole universe to (it seems to me, although unstated) the microbial level, and from all possibility to one. Very clever.
And now I'm reading about it too, so thanks for the heads up!

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Wonder distilled! Let me know when you have music; I'd love to listen.

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This is great. We've heard endlessly in so many words about how exciting and infinitely big the universe is, but it's the last few words that hold the majority (hell, all of it, really) of the excitement here. I responded to the first few lines with my head, and the last with a quickening of the heart.

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Back to leave another coment, because exobiology. Nice to hear Professor Jane Greaves (lead author of the paper in Nature) on guest lead vocals!

Is it wrong that this reminds me strongly of "White Lines (Don't Do It)" by Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel? Maybe it's the coupling of that bassline with calls out of "Float!" "Venus!" "Life!" Anyhow, this is great. (Applauds)

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I like the musical treatment - and the samples are brilliant!

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So very cool, all, the news, the music, and the lyric.

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i like the musification of this, sounds like a trailer for a movie. tense, glittering and exciting.

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I was just reading about this the other day! Love the samples and the arrangement. I agree with above comments--there's an awe-inspiring vastness to the words and music that is really wonderful.

Something about broadcast samples in a track that appeal to me.
I like the vibe of the music here. Great simple bass line with perfect little synth lines here and there. Its this minimal groove type thing that I really dig.

Tim Fatchen's picture

This short nonet actually brought the reality of that discovery home to me. Up till now it was "ho-hum". So well done and thank you!