What Do I

What Do I

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Liner Notes: 

I dunno.

Just needed to write something and feeling a little reflective today.


what do I remember?
what do I forget?
what do I desire?
what do I regret?

I have so much more than I need
I have so much less than I want

what do I hope for?
what do I refuse?
what do I long for?
what do I confuse?

I have so much more than I need
I have so much less than I want

Lord, I'm broken in so many ways
Lord, I'm lost inside this haze
Lord, I just don't have a clue
Lord, I know that I need you

what will I look up to?
what will I reject?
what will I imagine?
what will I reflect?

I have so much more than I need
I have so much less than I want
I need to want so much less
I need to love so much more

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Very reflective and such a great sound too! Makes me think of a song in a movie I watched once. Nice!

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You sound great singing this. Words are very relatable. It's good to be reflective.

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The partial capo part drew me in, I have three of them! Such a cool song, I love the words a lot. This is how I think these days! Great performance too!

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Dude this is a good one. The lyric reminds me (based on vague recall from a long time ago LOL) of the vibe in some of the songs of David and Solomon. The music is very honest and raw. Well done and congratulations on 100!

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This is very good. It's a very complete song both lyrically and musically. Good performance too. I like the changes at 'I have so much more... ' and at 'Lord I am ...'

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Love the chords you're using here--mysterious and introspective. "I have so much more than I need/I have so much less than I want" is such a simple, but thought-provoking statement. Really enjoyed this one!