They'd Say That Too

They'd Say That Too

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Liner Notes: 

I had a dream a couple of years ago that the ones that died on 9-11 wanted to move on. They felt that we had grieved enough for them, and they said
they couldn't go forward. With all the Covid deaths this year, it really seems to be the truth.


They'd Say That Too
© 2020 Cindy Prince

They cannot rest in peace
We have not let them go
So I am asking you please
After all it's been 19 years ago

We remember all of the dead
But forget about this year
Don't you think nearly 200,000 dead
We could shed a tear

They say never forget
But I say it's long overdue
To let the dead go on their way
I think they'd say that too

No disrespect is given
Just their longing for their heaven

Yes they died in a terrible way
But all deaths are a tragedy
For everyone that loves them
I think it's time to let it be

Repeat chorus

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Applause to you for this one. I've thought the same thing and for several years now after each anniversary date. You've touched one of those sore spots no one wants to confront but it's the painful truth.

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Thanks for your comments. I don't want to come across as uncaring, but I think it's time to let go.