The Hunter Watches

The Hunter Watches

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Liner Notes: 

Kinda threw this together so sorry if it's muddy.

The Hunter watches from above. Always vigilant looking for any sign of trouble in the city.

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Terrific sense of drama. Definitely has a game soundtrack feel, and even without your liner notes I'd have imagined something like a vigilante loner surveying the city at night. Really evocative.

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Powerfully dramatic. Could picture something like this in a motion picture.

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Oh my word, that's BIG. The mud (and there's not a lot) doesn't get in the way of the music, and the message is received loud and clear just as it is. A deliciously satisfying, intensely cinematic piece of music that builds, and builds and builds, and I would really love to see the movie that this score could come from, because I reckon it'd be amazing.

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I am totally digging the sound here. Am imagining watching a retro movie on an old small screen black & white television hearing this through a tiny tinny speaker while eating my popcorn, with the lights on of course, as the demon hunter does its thing.

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Whats funny is that’s kind of the vibe I initially started as. Like it started as a blade runner style idea and then sort of evolved into what this is

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You nailed the cinematic vibe for sure. I like that there are several spots of increased intensity. I was trying to imagine exactly what scene would go with this, but there are too many to settle on just one, I think. It's dramatic for sure, but not in the overly weary way that is sometimes associated with the word "dramatic."