Colors of You

Colors of You

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Liner Notes: 

This idea popped into my head so I wrote this down. Needs music and vocals.


Colors of You
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Blue eyes
Dark lashes
Waist length red hair

Shy smile
Dimple flashes
Beauty to compare

I've fallen for the colors of you
You're like a rainbow with different hues
I think of you in pink and blues
I've fallen hard for the colors of you

Rosy cheeks
A few freckles
Soft ivory skin

Pink lips
Like a petal
Delicate chin

Are you eyes turquoise or sky
Just a like an ocean, deep and wise

Red hair
Pretty shade
Is it auburn?

Wavy curls
Or in braids
Maybe copper

Repeat chorus

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Oh very nice. I really like this type of song. The swap between ABCDBC to ABBA chorus adds real power and flow and lifts it right up. Very good

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I really love this lyric because it brings up the fact that we are all indeed made up of many, many colours. May I put this one to music please? Smile