Stranded In One Lonely Place

Stranded In One Lonely Place

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Liner Notes: 

I saw a program yesterday about this ghost in California.


Stranded in One Lonely Place
© 2020 Cindy Prince

In the roaring 20's
Drinks could still be had
At the Moss Beach speakeasy

The distillery was known for
Hiding the goods
Yet many were served freely

A young lady in blue
Fell in love with the piano player
But she was married still

There was a fight on the beach
Between the two men
But it was her that was killed

The Blue Lady still haunts the beach
A veil of blue over her face
She's walking just out of reach
Stranded in one place
Stranded in one lonely place

For her there's no leaving
You might hear her breathing

She didn't know she was dead
So she was caught
Her spirit forever earthbound

If you visit Moss Beach
Don't be alarmed
But know she is always around

Repeat chorus

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