"I'm Done, I'm DONE!"

"I'm Done, I'm DONE!"

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"I'm Done, I'm DONE!"

Liner Notes: 

The vocal sample is from "Bashurverse Goodbye Video He Deleted". From 1:22 of the video, I just gradually slowed down each word in Audacity, and applied the Paulstretch effect to the final word.
The music was created on virtual instruments on Mixcraft 8.

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Oh gosh I love Paulstretch so much.
I like the slightly metal attitude in the music coupled with the screaming weirdness in my right ear.
Yeah, that music has some nasty goodness to it.
Lovely work here!

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That's one helluva cold open for a set. Paulstretch combined with some great, 70s-era heavy metal? It's a match made in heaven. Makes me think of a sort of MIDI's-up version of Black Sabbath. But Ozzy never sounded so weird.

I had to Google the guy to establish some sort of context, and then vaguely remembered the fuss on social media back in the day. The dude has problems, clearly.