The Fine Print

The Fine Print

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The Fine Print

Liner Notes: 

Phew, yet another one that's been brewing for a very long time, but I was so in love with the idea that I was afraid to finish it for fear of not doing it justice, but I finally forced myself and I'm pretty happy with it! I had to brutally cut some lines that I was in love with that just didn't go; that's fine, I can recycle them for another song someday. Overall this song sounds how I wanted it sound, and I'm especially proud of some of the lyrical lines.


Been feeling like life's already passing me by
With a heart weighted down from missing everyone who's left my life
My heroes are all now middle aged and I'm running out of drive
I feel like I've waited too long, and I never wanted to wait too long
Every time I take a step, something in me says that I won't have the follow through
But my heart beats in my chest and wonders what if, what if, what if I do
And you could say time, time's still on my side
But it's quickly growing tired
Tired of all of my waiting around and all my insecurities

Up until now, all my life has been in the fine print
But if I could chose then it would be on a billboard while a spotlight surrounds it

Out groups and borders are unbearably boring
I want to master every language and go out and speak them
I want to fight in every single righteous revolution
I know I want too much, and I don't want to want too much
The lazier voices in my head whisper that it just isn't worth it
But I can never help but wonder what if, what if, what if it is
And common wisdom says pain, pain means you need a break
But if your feet hurt at the end of the day
Your day was probably better spent than a day where everything felt fine

From deep inside my soul I extract the things that I most need to say
Then I put them on the same level as side effects and usurous interest rates
It's time to draw a line in this quicksand I've been drowning in
The bigger the risk, the bigger the potential win
The biggest risk of all is in dying unfulfilled

Up until now, all my life has been in the fine print
It's time to move it up to a billboard where a spotlight surrounds it

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"The biggest risk of all is dying unfulfilled" That's a great line and it sums up the feelings you're putting across in the song really well. I love how much your desire to do all the things with your life is contained by these words. It's such a strong emotion, and conveyed really well.

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"My heroes are all now middle aged and I'm running out of drive" lyric gold, but it becomes appalling for some of us! I think this is a seriously good lyric, and a seriously good philosophy. For some of us, fine print is all we might end up making, but ah, the striving is what is needed. It's so important to be able to eventually look back and realise that, for all the mistakes, false moves and failed goals, you've tried and done and ended fulfilled. It's a personal thing in the end. I think the lyric puts it so so well, hugely impressed. And the quick lively get-a-move-on setting and delivery, applause!

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your change from the long flowing words and melodies of the verses to the choppy rhythems of the chorus is very effective, the bridge is also a welcome rhythmic variation. now i will play it again and read the words as i listen. ok. ive listened three times now and feel this songs marks a big jump forward in your songwriting. it. is by far my favorite song of yours. you say so much and it all moves so smoothly while switching back and forth between the idealism of youth and the wisdom of the aged.

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I really like this one! Lots of good lines, lyrical and musical hooks, and congratulations on getting the song to where you feel good about it! The triple repeat of the what if in the verse is super catchy. Just me (and its a performance thing), but I really wanted to hear another repeat of the chorus :).