B the Change

B the Change

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Liner Notes: 

Teacher time. The materials I usually use to teach my recorder class are inaccessible through remote learning, so I guess I'm writing a new "method." Here's the first song. I will use it to teach note B on the recorder as well as to practice reading quarter notes and quarter rests.


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I don't know what you're talking about in your liner notes (I guess I need to listen to some of your previous songs), but nice rhythm and groove, nice variation in the middle.

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What a terrific little groove! I can absolutely see a beginner class loving playing their B's along to this.

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Fun, upbeat and easy to imagine remote learners getting engaged.

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I assume there's video or direct stream to go with this. It'll get those descants tootling on B, I'm sure!

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are another maligned instrument. Thats a B. however you get it in their head is good to me, really like the middle part

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Well I think part of the problem is that a lot of music teachers don't make learning instruments fun for the kids.
I remember being forced to play "The Great Gate of Kiev" in band class.
What kid wants to play that?!?
Your track here, though, would be a blast to play along with!
I wish you had been my music teacher.

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Yeah, this would be a fun a way to learn note B. It sounds like this could be included in a spy movie....so I think it'd be fun for students to learn and try to develop it into a mood or feeling that you've created.