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Liner Notes: 

another one from the quarantine sessions--

my corona: world enough and lime

back in the day, i decided to write a song about nothing, a la seinfeld.
i like how it turned out, but it is a very difficult song to remember, as most lines start with the same word.

once again, proceed a t your own risk if you insist upon all new creations in 50/90.

this is part of my aborted 100/180.

p.s.-- i love how the photo looks on soundcloud. it looks like the soundwave is a high rise city on the horizon.

hope you enjoy!


(c) 1993 time and ink


nothin is easy nothin is free
nothin is there just for you and me
nothin is real nothin's so good
nothin ever ends like you thought it would.
nothin to fear least nothin i know
f'you know somethin different please tell me so
(there's) nothin for me-- it's nothin to you
world's crashin down around yes how do you do
nothin for you-- it's nothin to me
the only thing that matters is to be free.


oh, i don't know exactly where i'm goin--
i said oh.


nothin to claim in this world of ignorance and shame
nothin that i care to call by name
nothin's so good and nothin is real
nothin left to do but sit down and feel.
nothin in this world that i really need
freedom from want's the envy of greed
nothin i could say there's nothin i could do
could compare to the love that's inside of you
nothin in my hand and nothin up my sleeve
but illusion chaos and make-believe.


you may know exactly where you're goin
but that doesn't change anything.



you may know exactly where i'm goin
but please don't say anything
please don't say a thing.

nothin and nothin is nothin and
nothin and nothin is nothin.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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this has a real charm and old classic feel from around the doors kinda scene. really engaging and i drifted right off in the instrumental and forgot where i was

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This is very good right from the off it grabs you the simple guitar and click draw you in! A good lyric, really well delivered.

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I love the swing in the rhythms here, gives it nice soul feel. The play on "nothing" is great too, clever but delivered meaningfully.

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It's catchy. Nothin but good things to say. I like it.

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definitely had me snapping along, this is another great one! marvelous nothing song Wink
I'm no stickler for "rules" thanks for sharing! breaking out the way-back machine for this reworking eh? haha I'd of been 12 or 13 Biggrin
great lyric and vocal, but especially love the music to this one........that's a great groove and the minimal percussion/ acoustic strings does this a great justice

that pic did turn out great with the soundwave haha