Look To The North

Look To The North

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Liner Notes: 

I've had the first line of the chorus for literally ever. So I forced it into a shape. The scansion is well rough in places but I'm okay with how it's turning out.

ETA The siren at the start of the track is real, but don't be alarmed. I live next to a main road on a direct to the local A&E. It's not uncommon to have ambulances speed past. Also, it's kinda a cool sound effect.


This time I think you’re taking the long road home
There’s signs I think you know that you can’t ignore
So take your time. I’ll be right here

Tonight you should talk with your shadows a while
Tonight you should walk with your ghosts a mile
Go cast your doubts on the great out there

Look to the north for signs of snow
Look to the south for the sun
Pray to the east for another morning’s glow
Come home to the west when you’re done

One thing I know, with every turn on this earth
With every day goes by the less certain I get
Just trust in this. One sure thing, this kiss

Look to the north for signs of snow
Look to the south for the sun
Pray to the east for another morning’s glow
Come home to the west when you’re done

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the long pause after the verses is effective in keeping the listener hanging on. the chorus is a winner and i like the metaphorical use of variable seasonal qualities in each quarter of the world.

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Well structured and interesting. Excellent piano. Good turnaround! And a very catchy chorus.

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I agree the long pauses in the verse melody are really engaging and work as perfect companions for that great chorus.
well done! whipped into shape nicely Smile

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Always a good writing exercise to build a song around one line. I like how the verses have a sort of traveling directional quality setting up the chorus. Then in the chorus all four compass directions have an indicator of what may be to come.

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The slow pacing of this makes the whole song, frames the lyrics so well. mmm, I could eat that chorus, or wrap it around me. The "Tonight

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This song puts me in mind of a song Brian Wilson might have written when he was at his creative peak...and I can almost hear the fantastic harmonies coming in over those gorgeous chords and elegant pauses...terrific!

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Fantastic chord progression/melody & performance - nice contrast between verse & chorus. I hear a Beatles influence and at times Elton. I enjoyed listening.

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It's interesting how the siren at the beginning subtly alters the context of the lyrics. And those perfectly-judged pauses really add anxiety and uncertainty to the song, too. Gwyn's comment about Brian Jones is well-made; I was thinking the same thing. But Brian would have had to grow up in Scotland and experienced a *proper* winter - rather than basking in California's permanent summer - to write something like this Smile

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The siren lends an ominous air to the song, which is beautifully well crafted. Great first line, and that chorus is so darn good! The chords behind it really got me ... reminded me of some of the great 70s piano-based songwriters. Fabulous!

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Very special song, transforming the person who is listening, taking him/her into a different space. Hypnotic, very expressive and engaging.

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Beautiful! Love when that chorus comes in, it's so musically satisfying in contrast with the verses. Also REALLY like the lyrics, especially the play on cardinal directions in the chorus. There's something really powerful about saying, "look, I think you need to go explore for awhile, just come back when you're done."

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This is an anthem that gives me chills and makes me smile. I love it. I really really love this.