Time Flies Faster

Time Flies Faster

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Liner Notes: 

I recently read something that said something like you are 16 and suddenly you are getting ready to retire. Needs music and vocals.


Time Flies Faster
© 2020 Cindy Prince

You are barely six and learning how to read
Then you're trying to work and buy everything you need

You're a kid only seven and you're eating birthday cake
Then you're drinking coffee and trying to stay awake

Time flies faster the further you go
My father told me but I still didn't know
The children were small for such a short time
They are all grown but still they are mine

You're behind the wheel and taking a driver's test
Fast forward to middle aged and totally over stressed

Repeat chorus

One minute you're a Sophomore waiting for class to end
Then somehow you're sixty waiting for the world to mend

Repeat chorus

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Ha, so true! Funny and serious at the same time. I'm having birthday cake, though, don't care how old I get.

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Wow, these lyrics just pour out of you Cindy! Another good one.

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uve thought about thus quite a but, and wonder if time is atually speeding up...which would happen if the planet accelerates as it goes around the sun. i think this because even younger people have been talkingabout tme going faster than it used to. thus could also accout for the lenthening of our life spans, we dont actually live any longer. the days are just shorter than they used to be. also look how much more slowly we are aging than our parents and their parents before them.