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You say I have an attitude
All I can say is duh
How long did that take to figure out
You say I have issues
Well what's it to ya
I am not one to ever cry or pout

Yeah I got an attitude
It's for self preservation
I can really be rude
But it's not my fixation
I'd say you are shrewd
To figure out I have an attitude...attitude

You say I can't connect
I'm too aloof
Is that what you've been told
You say I'm selfish
Do you have proof
Cause you are turning me cold

Repeat chorus

You say I'm hateful
Too uptight
Don't know how to relax
You say I'm snide
Me thinks you are right
Now it's time to get off my back

Repeat chorus

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Yes! This is making me smile so much! Brilliant in every way! Love your attitude! You made my day with this!

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"All I can say is duh" made me laugh! Suitably attitude-filled musical performance is a treat. Love the way you sing "I've got an attitude!" "Me thinks you are right" another great line. Drawn-out ending fun!

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I can just see Cindy leaning over her notepad with a sneer on her lips writing this. Cindy goes punk! (Does your "attitude" have anything to do with your backache?)


Very nice and appropriate punkish delivery of Cindy's crabbiness today, Bill! I love you guys' collaborations! You did not disappoint with this one!

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The first 3 lines make this song and Bill was the right person to pull this off. Good one guys

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This is dripping with attitude! everything about it, LOVE it! the stop/starts in the guitar around the chorus really set this delivery off! and what a great pretty ending hahaha! pure attitude, me thinks you are right as well Biggrin

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Attitude plus! Fantastically in-your-face lyrics by Cindy snarled to perfection by Bill!