Train Conductor Ghost

Train Conductor Ghost

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Train Conductor Ghost
© 2020 Cindy Prince

First a spaghetti factory
Then an eatery
You will get such chills
Every time you see
The ghost of a conductor
Standing on the stairs
Looking straight at you
While you're unaware

Train conductor in Vancouver
Never strays afar
He is walking back and forth
In the railway car
Sitting in the same seat
Or standing at the bar

There are many cold drafts
Table settings that move
Photographs of him standing
Do you need any proof
He is there watching
Both in the day and night
Do you dare to eat there
Or be filled with too much fright

Repeat chorus

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Great job! You never disappoint and know just what to do! Listening I can easily picture his ghost on the train car. Thank you!

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Love the dark little waltz feel on the piano for this. It really brings out the spookiness of the lyric. Really nice.

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Cindy, we have a restaurant in Omaha that has been there forever called "The Spaghetti Works", which a conductor car out in front of it. Is this a reference? Because if not, quite a coincidence.

Anyway, I LOVE this--not just for the story (which I'm still convincing myself has to be set in Omaha!), but for Marthie's very different than usual vocal treatment. Another classic, ladies!

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Good story well told and Marthies as usual excellent delivery.