We Gotta Do Our Stuff

We Gotta Do Our Stuff

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Liner Notes: 

AndyGetch: LisaMarie777 traded some ideas and developed this one relating to why creativity is important to our mental health. We collaborated on lyrics, and I put it to music. This was such a pleasant and fun collaboration and it was my honor to work with LisaMarie777.


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by LisaMarie777 and AndyGetch

VERSE 1: (slow tempo)
Focus, mindfulness and meditation
And, yes, I have considered medication
Doing yoga, I’m not a saint
Daily practice then sketch, draw, or paint

Pre-chorus 1 (slow tempo)
I need my hobbies
For my serenity

CHORUS: (Fast tempo)
I really like my sanity
Maintaining my mental health
I don’t have much vanity
Or interest in wealth
There's too many distractions
[GIII] Right now, times are rough
Getting in the way of my creations
we gotta do our stuff

Can’t change minds in an online debate
I think it’s better to create
For some preventative self-care
For a break from the despair

Pre-chorus 2
I need to have a daily routine
To survive through quarantine

Repeat Chorus

Bridge (mid-tempo)
Bracing for a recession
Create to pray away depression
Hobbies help me cope
Creativity gives me hope
First get out of bed
Slow down thoughts racing in my head

Repeat Pre-chorus 2 and Chorus

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This is a great collab!

absolutely loved the..........First, get out of bed Biggrin

I've done yoga for a while now(most mornings at least) started after a bad back/shoulder injury, just kind of stuck, my days feel weird without at least a few minutes of just the meditative aspects of it, really does help keep you centered.

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I just listened while I was reading a grim on-line debate that devolved into a Black Lives Matter/All Lives Matter shouting match. Coming back here and reading the lyrics, I realize I missed a lot. Can't change minds in an on-line debate--don't I know it!! Anyone, this is great. That "gotta do our stuff" bit is really catchy, something you can sing along with. The whole thing is packed with good sense. Really, this is why I write my little songs that no one will/should hear: getting lost in the process is everything. I gotta do my stuff

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I really like my sanity too! Smart, honest, down-to-earth lyrics. I like the contrasts between verses and choruses, the sound of a person working to find balance in these times.

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I'll take all the advice on sanity I can get these days. Actually, I'm doing fine--used to be alone--and 50/90 gives me a great outlet and keeps me busy a few hours each day.

Great lyrics for these times--and I did enjoy your performance. Nice collab, you guys!

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Hugs to Andy and to all who commented here. Smile Smile Smile Here's to self-care, sanity, and trying to be in the moment during our epic times. xo

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Hugely relatable lyric, guys. I think I'll adopt this as my morning mantra. Thank you for this fun, gentle reminder to look after ourselves.

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a great and important message and wisdom in the lyric, and that conversational vocal is perfect for this- really a winning combination. yay for sanity!

great work, both of you!