All There Is

All There Is

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Liner Notes: 

I saw this socialist time sign at a train station - it read - march-routing centralization unit, so it went from there


a march routing centralization
deflects the trains to your station
there's no perfect navigation
when passion enters the equation

the engineers of my heart
told me not to play so smart
use emotions and make art
see the whole through its parts

two birds fly
between the trees
the golden cross reflects all there is

we devote ourselves to the gods
as we make love in supersonic pods
the result is a new universe
and its description needs another verse

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This is awesome. Poetic, meta, with musical beauty and surprises.

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A mandolin jazz bluegrass ramble? OK!

The engineers have interesting perspective on art, not what I expected. Engineers like numbers! Emotion is nothing...

I would like to make serious love in a supersonic pod. I'll put that on my bucket list for sure.

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im trying to visualize the supersonic pod that would lead to a new universe after love making. it must be related to the two birds reflected in the golden cross. unless it has something to do with mating a melody to those crazy mandolin chords, im going to have to puzzle this out

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love the lazy flow of the mandolin, well and the vocals, it is nice when it gets perkier too. nice one, engaging every note