Questions, Questions

Questions, Questions

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Liner Notes: 

Just a silly one that started from when I tell my cat that she has tail feathers (because she has a bob tail)


Questions, Questions
© 2020 Cindy Prince

What if cats had tail feathers
And peacocks had fur
What if jelly was the color of mustard
And only hippos were known to purr

What if all ice cream were black
And our hair was made of leaves
What if all our names were Joe
And we our legs went in our sleeves

Questions, questions
Do they have to make sense?
Do you have an answer
I'm waiting in suspense

What if all our teeth were red
And our food was only liquid
What if we started out old
And worked our way back to a kid

What if we could throw a ball
All the way to the moon
What if we ate with our feet
And never used a spoon

Repeat chorus

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Love this. A silly song can be very freeing and some are gems too. This has some cool thoughts in it. It is hard to be silly sometimes but you have ot here.

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Kids would go for this! Find some and sing it at them. (Teens, now, it'd be OK Boomer....get 'em younger!)