I'm in the Light Now

I'm in the Light Now

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Liner Notes: 

This one is based on a program I saw about a girl years ago was murdered. The mother of course was destroyed and at one point the little girl came to her
and told her that she was fine, and she didn't want to see her mother not wanting to go on living. Seeing her daughter's spirit and hearing her, she was able
to begin to heal a little.


I'm in the Light Now
© 2020 Cindy Prince

He hit me on purpose
Ran over my new bike
I was only eight
Didn't know what real pain felt like

There was pink paint
On the bumper of his car
He buried me in the desert
And I was so far, so far from home

I didn't get to say goodbye
All I could do was cry
Then all at once everything turned black
I couldn't find my way back
I couldn't find my way back home

Mama, Mama
I'm with you
I'm everywhere somehow
Mama, Mama
Please don't cry
I'm in the light now

Someone had seen you
Driving recklessly away
They captured you
But they couldn't get back that day

Repeat chorus

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Sad, beautiful, and haunting. The imagery is vivid and really tells a horrific story in a poetic way.