Black Hope

Black Hope

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Liner Notes: 

man I get into so much trouble singing in my house at the moment because Nell is writing final exams. I cut out the 'child to parent' speech about not making a noise while teenagers are trying to study for exams...

This is officially the fiftieth songs CCIndy and I collaborated on....


Black Hope
© 2020 Cindy Prince

It was their dream home
So happy they'd found
But what they didn't know
Was buried deep underground

They were surely shocked
But not too concerned
Once they knew about it
It couldn't be unlearned

Buried beneath was the Black Hope

Black Hope was the name
The ground had already been claimed
A slave cemetery they built on
So the ghosts live on...on....on

First there was the ice cold
Then the horrid moaning
Doors opened and closed
It was a dire warning

When they tried to dig
The daughter soon died
The family had to leave
There was nowhere to hide

Repeat chorus

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Wow 50! This is so haunting! I am amazed with your talents over and over again!

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marthie infuses cindy's ghostly american gothic with a tangible immediacy that makes us feel it could be happening right now to the people next door..or to us.

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mesmerising storytelling both in the lyrics and the setting. nice collab

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Congrats on the 50 up Marthie and Cindy! What a way to mark that achievement with this chilling but spellbinding song!

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I'm running out of superlatives to praise you two with. I love your collabs and am waiting for the platinum "boxed set" of all 50 of your songs.

A free review copy would be a nice gesture...

Gorgeous, gorgeous collab again, ladies!