Black Angel

Black Angel

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Liner Notes: 

dzd: @Candle sent me one of his wonderful bubbly spooky witches brew tracks he had whipped up in buzz tracker a few days ago, and I proceeded to use a very highly complex method of noodling over the top of it with guitar/some percussion/some fx'd vocals/megaphone over the next few days without listening to anything previously done........mashed them all together today, and am actually quite pleased with how it turned out, it freaked out the cat while playing it through the stereo, so mission accomplished Biggrin


your guess is as good as mine

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this would be great playing in a haunted spookhouse on halloween. or it would make a fine theme for a david lynch movie. you and Candle should hook up with some indie ihorror film makers. they are always looking for scary music. and i would watch a movie, however crummy, if it had a soundtrack as good as this. It is as good or better than Goblin.

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Very ominous and disturbing atmosphere created by this piece. Lots going on, all of which stop anything settling. This really would make a great backdrop in a horror movie.

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“Freaked out the cat” - lol - yep! Happens here, too. Awesome mashup!

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great atmosphere, very internal landscape and dark and red and orange backlit through fog, sounds like someone coming round

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You guys make quality collabs.
Ah, more megaphone!
I gotta get one of them suckers.
Nice guitar evilness.
I'm with @billwhite51; I'm getting a bit of an "Eraserhead" vibe here.
That bass thudding is creeping me out for some reason.
Yow, harsh ending!
Yeah, excellent job here, guys!

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Next time I have a bunch of ambience I created in Jeskola Buzz that I'm at a loss as to what to do with next, I know who I'm sending a mixdown to Biggrin

This was awesome! Glad you made something of my warbbly ambience.

See You In The Shadows…

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Ok, first make sure that the cats are not around before listening (although I suspect Sirius could take it, as the spooky experimental maker wannabe he is). Biggrin

Eerie atmosphere, on the verge of being disturbing, but containing some magic that talks directly to the mind and convinces it it want more. It feels good walking in the dark. Spiral staircases will take you in the depths of the world, and you will never want to leave there again.

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Great track, so many cool sounds and the vocals just add well to the eerie and spooky nature of this.