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Liner Notes: 

Needs music and vocals.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

You say I have an attitude
All I can say is duh
How long did that take to figure out

You say I have issues
Well what's it to ya
I am not one to ever cry or pout

Yeah I got an attitude
It's for self preservation
I can really be rude
But it's not my fixation
I'd say you are shrewd
To figure out I have an attitude...attitude

You say I can't connect
I'm too aloof
Is that what you've been told

You say I'm selfish
Do you have proof
Cause you are turning me cold

Repeat chorus

You say I'm hateful
Too uptight
Don't know how to relax

You say I'm snide
Me thinks you are right
Now it's time to get off my back

Repeat chorus

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Definitely an attitude to the narrative voice of this song. Made me smirk and chuckle a little!

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thus is really on the mark. were i to attempt something with it, I would speak the verse section in a new york tough guy accent and sing the chorus....well id have to figure that out when i came to it. if that approach seems right to you, let me know and ill take a stab at it.

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Go ahead with it if you want. I think that approach would work