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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by a character from Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern" books.

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This is so tasty. I would buy a whole album of this music. It's really not unfinished! I wish I could download it! Nice work!

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Maiden voyage transferred into some northern territory. This could go on forever

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Love it from the first chords! I don't think I've heard you on piano before - I like it. Beautiful guitar explorations, too.

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This is lovely. I like the idea of basing a song on a fictional character and think this could accompany many stories. I like its slow, engaging pace & moments and then you add more to it as it goes along. I really enjoyed it!

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I love this. I'm seeing a colourful sky castle with parapets. Lots of parapets. And there are dragons flying over the parapets, and courtiers standing at the parapets playing brass and woodwind instruments, and having a pretty good time. Then the sun sets and the sky starts doing weird things with stars and colours. It's magical - far more than the sum of its instrumental parts.

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Ooh, nice. It's been ages since I read Dragonriders (though I think I only read the first couple books), but in any case, this has a great vibe. Mystical, jazzy, and evocative.

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Wow! This has strong imagery. The reverb on the trumpet makes it seem like it's being played near a big stone bridge. This is super cool. Elegant and powerful. The quick dropoff at the end was really cool too.