Sanctuary (Three of Pentacles)

Sanctuary (Three of Pentacles)

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Liner Notes: 

Back with another tarot song! The Three of Pentacles has a few possible interpretations - teamwork, craftsmanship, creativity...but also sanctuary. I like to think of it as the safe spaces we create when we're in community with each other, the sorts of spaces where we can flourish.

I just started a songwriting class this week, so hopefully I'll have at least a few more before the end of 50/90!


The world is cracked and crumbling, broken hearts and busted seams
We’re screaming but our voices make no sound
We found each other searching for the shelter that we lost
Wondering if better days would ever come around
Now we’re putting hearts together and we’re carving a cathedral
And we’re calling space between us holy ground


We’re hearing ghosts of stories in the burning of the Earth
Of futures that might never come to be
The work is never finished, always chasing the horizon
There are victories that we will never see
But we’re building on foundations made by other hopeful hands
Imagining a world beyond our dreams


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Love this so much! The message of the verses themselves brings me solace, and the delivery and spaciousness of the chorus creates the perfect place to experience just that. Your voice is so beautiful there. I was riding waves of anxiety when I stumbled onto your song, and it has been a help. Great work! Downloaded with gratitude.

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I also found this soothing. It's very present, and takes the time and repetition to create the perfect atmosphere to hear the words.