Shine, Always Shine

Shine, Always Shine

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Liner Notes: 

At first glance I had some musical ideas in mind, so really glad that Cindy's lyric was available for a collab. My aim was to keep it in the pop/rock vein but with a nod to African rhythms/sounds.

Cindy's original note to her lyric post: I wrote this for my friends in Uganda.


Shine, Always Shine
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Big dark eyes that shine
Smiles to melt a heart

Life in the purest form

They are yours and mine
And a bigger part

Of love transformed

Shine, always shine
Find, always find
The beauty in everything
Smile, always smile
Mile after mile
Remember to sing

By strength
With wisdom
In depth
Keep the vision

Living day to day
With eternal knowing

Love is all there is

Always finding a way
To keep growing

For they are all His

Repeat chorus

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I love it! I really like the mix of a pop/rock and African vibe. Uplifting and so good! Thanks-

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What a great message in the lyric, I can completely see why you were drawn to this one. I like the power in a simple melody of drawn out notes that gives strength to the words Cindy was able to conjure. A very good collaboration.

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love this arrangement. wiith two more voices to fill out the harmonies you have an arena rock classic. the african rhythms add a lot wthout disturbing the solid rock beat.

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Amazing! What a great track...Cindy's words are excellent and inspiring and Jeff's vocals...arrangement...melody etc are terrific!

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Wow! Wow! Just wow! That chorus is GORGEOUS!!

Love the "call and response" homage to African music as well as the rhythm. I am so glad that Cindy's lyrics have inspired such good work from so many this year!

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The chords and harmonies on that chorus really bring forth the anthemic nature of the lyric. I dig the drums and echoing instruments. Ooh, that fuzzy guitar is lovely too.

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Love the arrangement and especially the way you've done the vocals - mixing up the harmonies and the contrast of the low lines. As for that chorus - super upbeat and catchy.