What Brings You Joy

What Brings You Joy

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Liner Notes: 

I've been trying to notice all the small things that bring me joy and decided to write about it.


What Brings You Joy
© 2020 Cindy Prince

It's all around us
The little bird's nest
A path in the woods
It's in white puffy clouds
And in everything that's good

It's in every day things
Like a baby's giggle
An old lady's hands
It's in a choir singing
And wide open lands

So what brings you joy
What makes you smile
Helping a close neighbor
Going that extra mile
What makes you happy
Think about it and see
I hope you will do this
Then come and join me

It's all around the world
In the large and small
In an old winding lane
It's in a warm fire
And a nice blessed rain

It's in life itself
In every tiny form
In a newborn calf
A pretty flower garden
Or a big belly laugh

Repeat chorus

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We could all use a dose of joy these days. Mind if I try to bring some musical joy to this one?