Cooking for one

Cooking for one

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Liner Notes: 

Running into trouble with invention, and unhappy with every idea I had, I tried this altogether-too-close-to-the-bone-for-me lyric as a one-shot improvisation. Piano, melody, voice, the lot. Sometimes this works.


Lyrics Copyright © 2020 Andrew Male Music Copyright © 2020 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

isrc: AUNEY2000047

Things would have been different back then,
Some earlier goodbye
A service, some words,
then music
A chance to wear that tie

But if where we go from here is better
Perhaps good things have to wait
It’s said all good things
come to an end
Or do they all just show up late?


Dear, it’s only life
Six dozen trips around the sun
I still have a wife on paper
But I’ve learned to cook for one

We have the lady with her guitar on Tuesday,
So we sit in the dining room and clap
We clap in time
What was the time?
Time for pills and all that crap

There’s bingo Thursday after lunch
Your numbers up on a map
Then I leave you in the Home
So I go home
Stand and disappear, just like my lap


Dear, it’s only life
Six dozen trips around the sun
I still have a wife on paper,
But I’ve learned to cook for one

It’s only life
Six dozen trips around the sun
I still have a wife on paper,
But I’ve learned,
I’ve learned to cook for one

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That is powerful. Tim, your vocal delivery and piano performance bleed raw, true emotion. Andrew, that story is as human as it gets. This is a fantastic collab.

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Thanks Ductapeguy.

I'm sorry to have not responded to your kind words earlier, but I'm still getting my mind around the way all this works. As I wrote to Tim, it was he who made this song great with his music and his singing. This went from something I didn't quite know when I wrote it, to something I feel really proud to have just done the words for.
I see the man in this song walk past my home every morning.

billwhite51's picture

shades of TS Eliot. such quaity of lyrics and music is rare today in popular song. each verse is stingingly true to life and your performance is riveting. much as i like your humorous music hall songs and cinematic imstrumentals, , this more serious and revealing effort is my favorite of yours this year

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some really strong lines and imagery in the lyrics and the sadness and loneliness of them is captured beautifully in the music, delivery included. what a great collab!

otagoseaburial's picture

Tim Fatchen - You’ve done it again mate. I didn’t realise how real this is until I heard your treatment. I can’t work out from where the ideas arrive, but that music of yours is superb.