Shine On

Shine On

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Joanne Gabriel - Shine On

Liner Notes: 

Took time to put this one together. Some songs have a will of their own...

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A will of their own--ain't that the truth. I've been trying to listen without thinking too much. That said, my thinking self will jump in here at 2:45. I like how you sort of hold things in abeyance here. What's that kind of weird noise in there? You come out of that lull with all guns blazing. The main motif of the song is really compelling, and the bass gives this a force that a lot of 'dream pop' lacks. There's so much cool texture with the strings and whatnot. Anyway...I like it and find myself swaying along to the gently rocking rhythm even after the song is over

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Very trancelike and relaxing. I’m with fresh. I like how halfway through the forward energy kind of suspends and the music seems to float. Very cool.

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Oui, oui, oui! That bass really drives this. I felt like I was floating along on top of all those lovely synths, driven by the bass & the amazing guitar. I get a similar image in my mind as the one described by John Lennon in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - but more real & with less marshmellows. It's warm, full of light & like the perfect river dream. I didn't want it to end, so I'll have to come back for another listen.

On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

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This is just beautiful! Really floats along and dips and swirls all held together so nicely with that bassline, but the shimmeries and what I can only assume is some type of reverse delay really set this off for me.....all of it so otherworldly done and wonderfully put together! Time well spent!

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This takes a while to decide what to do with that initial Steve Hackett-sounding guitar, but when they hit it off, it all beds in very nicely. When the synth pads and layered vocals kick in, it's amazing how massive things get. And the fuzz guitar *really* works well within that soundscape.

And yep: some days you play the song, other days the song plays you. I've had quite a few tracks decide this summer that how I wanted them to go wasn't where they were going to take me. It's always nice to go on a musical adventure when that happens and see where it leads!

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This has a smooth and ethereal sound as it builds with a feeling of the shining on in the title, very cool.

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All the changes you have undergone this year are present in this piece. It feels super like you and yet it comes from such a different place, it's euphoric, it's playful, it's almost like kids playing without care, it's careless in a sense that is worry free. You are transcending on this.