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Chameleon (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

Another one I always thought would be a throwaway song from an idea I had a very long time ago, but I liked it more than I expected! The main switch I made is that I was originally going to write it in the first person, but then I found it too limiting because I kept thinking, "Well, that's obviously not true" and didn't really want to paint such a bad picture of myself, so I decided to write in the third person about a fictional man, and this way I could make him almost a caricature of what I was describing, no need to be accurate or fair.


Put him in a room full of any passion, he'll find that passion too
It's that passion that always attracts him and tells him what he wants to do
He finds himself in places he said he'd never go
He's got no quality filter... and it shows

He's a chameleon
He's got no true colors
He's a chameleon
He'll be whatever you want him to be

Give a good speech promoting any thesis, you can make him think it's right
Aside from violence he can think of nothing that he definitely dislikes
He'llnodhisheadat anything, aslongasit makes some sense
But if you argue with it, don't expect a defense

And we can criticize from our limited viewpoints
But he's the one can do anything and burst with joy
Stumble on almost anyone and make a friend
He's never gonna be stuck in his ways no matter how old he gets
And being a wanderer with no real place, it works for him
And he's going to keep on doing it

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I've known and have worked with people like this. In a couple of prior employment situations such compliant behavior was expected. In a way the lyric reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode where an alien took on the appearance of the nearest and strongest human memory and got trapped into that character and appearance. Strong and catchy melody.