Zoo Zoos and Wham Whams

Zoo Zoos and Wham Whams

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Liner Notes: 

Top definition of "zoo zoos and wham whams" via urbandictionary.com:

A prison slang term used by older jail inmates or prison convicts for jail or prison "inmate store or commissary" bought items such as: small cakes or pies, candy bars or sweet tooth items purchased by inmates.

zoo zoo's and wham wham's are individually packaged fruit filled pies, twinkies, cup cakes,pound cake, small pecan pies,and all candy bars, hard taffy, licorice and small packages of hard candy, all purchased from inmate store.


there's one way in that holler
it's the same road out
you won't see too many pigs there
sniffin' their snouts
in our stills and our pills
and what we do in them there hills

I was just just trying to make some clams
but they caught me on the highway
now the only thing I'm sellin' is
zoo zoos and wham whams

well they threw me in a cell, said
"Boy, you go to hell"
I still had quite the shine on
and it weren't no zinfandel
so when they kicked me
I could barely feel a thing
all I saw was red

I woke up in a squad car with a
gun in my hand, said
"Thank you very much, sir, but
you can keep the
zoo zoos and wham whams"

I could hear them hound dogs
closer every minute
no way in hell they'd miss me bein'
mighty unhygienic, took
one last slug of whiskey 'for they
bit me on my ass

now they got me in the slammer, a
prisoner I am
ain't got no moonshine, all they got is
zoo zoos and wham whams

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Quite a colorful tale, and classic for the genre. I dig your picking. Love the cell/hell/zinfandel and minute/unhygienic rhymes.

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Geez louise, you're killing it on the alt-country front lately. I mean, seriously! This outlaw style is so very good. Great guitar and delivery, and I love the colorful slang and clever rhymes in the lyrics. Listening again.

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What fantastic story telling - and such a wonderful hook. This has such a great country feel - your guitar and vocals are superb! You really nail this genre. I feel like you are singing to me from your jail cell - all of those wonderfully vivid details and feeling you share feel so honest and real. I love it!

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This is great all 'round.
Excellent playing, excellent lyrics, excellent production.

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another ten verses and this would pass for an undscovered dylan song comparable to hs 115th dream....id never heard of Zoo Zoos and Wham Whams..now i willl never forget them.

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Wow, what a GREAT JOB! I learned some new vocabulary, got to hear some great lyrics--classic folk/Dylan-type stuff--and a really terrific performance.

You have outdone yourself with this one. I want to see you in concert!

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What a great guitar shuffle......really nailed the vocal too! I've heard fruit cocktail toilet wine referred to as this as well, just don't try sellin none of that flim flam Biggrin
Great tune! I quite enjoyed this, even if brings back some not so pleasant memories hahah

My uncle said zoo zoos and wham whams or something along those lines one day long ago, and I almost passed out from laughing. I thought he was just saying nonsense and then he kinda explained...kinda. I just came away with the knowledge that the words meant some kind of sweet treats. That was the same day he explained what "hootch" meant.
Anyway lol
This is one of those instances where I say "oh i don't like country", but I hear this, and see that its labeled 'country', and then question myself. How can I say I don't like country if I like this? Irrational human.
Yeah, cause this, I like.
The guitar playin', the lyrics, the singin'. Every aspect of the song, I like.
It a kind of guitar style that my ears can't help soaking up, and telling my brain to "like it...a lot". Its bluesy as well to me, along with your singing style here. And I guess the blues and country are quite similar anyway sometimes, huh?
Great lyrics...perhaps thats what ultimately makes this track for me.

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I kinda feel this is what would happened if Johnny Cash and Jimmy Page had collaborated. The chords in that opening guitar run are just brilliant, and the whole thing is so soaked in wrong choices and regret. It's brilliant. Great storytelling, superb tunesmithing. Love it.