Loons on the Lake

Loons on the Lake

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Liner Notes: 

A quick ukulele waltz that came to mind today at lunch. Kid of a rough take. I have got to put the ukulele down and pick up my poor neglected mandolin though.

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love that progression and melody. this has such a nice feel, it reminds me of a classic uk tv kids tv show Bagpuss and i can imagine the little slide show of the story accompanying this episode's found object. very evocative and nostalgic reflection feel

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This is really pretty Katie! You are really making beautiful music with the oft neglected ukulele so let than mando cool off a little! I really enjoyed my listen to this beautiful piece!

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Beautifully simple melody, that has a hopeful attitude in my mind. Reminds me of some of the acoustic music I would have heard at the canceled Walnut Valley Festival this year.

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This waltz has a gentle lilt to it which easily calls to mind an image of the gently-flowing waters of the lake. I can almost hear those loons calling!