No Doctor Can Cure It

No Doctor Can Cure It

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Liner Notes: 

While I was doing the skirmish this kept interfering, so I wrote it down. Needs music and vocals.


No Doctor Can Cure It
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I can't put a bandage on my heart
I can't cover up my pain
I can't clean the exit wound
Now that you've left again

I can't stitch up my gash
I can't heal what is broken in to
I can't sooth the blow this time
Now that we are through

No doctor can't cure it
No surgeon can repair
The fact that you left me
And you no longer care
No miracle worker can help
No magician can make it disappear
No superman will save me
From the fact that you aren't here

I can't remove a bullet
I can't go under the knife
I can't take away my anguish
Right now this is my life

Repeat chorus

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Good writing. You've certainly got the medical thread running through this. I like the connection between love and hurt and surgery. Also the recurring idea of 'I can't.'